Over 70% of all people in the United States have a social media account and use it regularly. There’s no wonder why many businesses strive to reach their audiences via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. Unfortunately, there’s so much on social media competing for people’s attention, how do you reach your clients at a time when they’re more likely to convert? DTL Consultants can help!



No social media marketing campaign would be complete without at least discussing Facebook Marketing. Facebook averages well over 2 billion users monthly, DTL Consultants can help you target your audience!

Whether you’re selling products or services and whether you see your customers at home or they visit you at your storefront, chances are good they all use Facebook to some degree. Facebook marketing still offers business owners one of the highest returns on investment for paid advertisements, but not every business owner understand how to succeed with marketing on Facebook. DTL Consultants helps you identify your target audience and create the content they are looking for to help you increase your conversions on Facebook.

Social Media Marketing - Facebook


DTL Consultants understands that many small and local businesses are looking to connect to other business owners as part of their key audiences. LinkedIn marketing creates an opportunity to reach business owners that many people overlook.

LinkedIn Marketing is less about marketing and paid advertisements than Facebook or other social media platforms. The businesses that experience success on LinkedIn focus on providing value for their other business connections. This usually means creating the best content that answers questions and provides the best advice for those business clients. DTL Consultants will help you understand the power of LinkedIn, especially when targeting key commercial contracts for your small or local business.


New social media platforms pop up regularly and a few manage to grow and stick around and shape the social media marketing landscape. DTL Consultants can help reach your customers across many social platforms and will continue to stay on top of the latest trends to ensure you can reach your customers!

Social media marketing changes from platform to platform and your industry and your brand determine which platforms are best to engage with your customers. Whether you’re looking to reach clients on NextDoor, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, or another platform altogether, DTL Consultants will help you create appropriate content to reach customers on these platforms.

Social Media Marketing - Instagram


This question can only be answered by understanding your audience, your brand, and each platform’s purpose. Most local businesses should only focus on one or two platforms to ensure they can actively engage with their customers and build a loyal following.