Hello everyone! my name is David Laird and I’d like to take a moment to introduce my new company DTL Consultants! We are a marketing agency that focuses on helping small and local businesses grow and succeed. This means succeed for the long term, not simply inflating your traffic on your site in the short term. Our focus lies in finding new customers and ultimately increasing your income and your bottom line.

After talking with our current clients and monitoring several agencies over the last few years, it became increasingly clear that there was a problem with the traditional agency model, especially for small and local businesses. One traditional agency model offers a low-priced website to entice small companies and follows that up by forcing them to sign a contract for “hosting and maintenance”. This model preys on businesses that are afraid to invest money in themselves early on when profits are tight. Businesses understand they need a website and hosting, but they don’t always understand what that entails.

At DTL Consultants we explain to our customers the entire process before we begin. We help our clients establish their own hosting contract with the top hosting providers in the world to ensure maximum speed and reliability. We don’t upsell hosting and we don’t establish hosting in our name. We also offer immediate access to the website upon final payment. This means you own your website, your content, and your assets from day 1! While other agencies lock you into a contract and won’t turn over the site files, images, or anything if you decide to leave.

These other agencies, in fact, don’t expect to keep their customers longer than the initial contract in many cases. DTL Consultants is different, we don’t lock our customers into a contract, and we don’t hold your site hostage if you ever decide to leave! We believe that we should earn your business every month and that you should see tangible results for your money. We understand that spending money on marketing for a small business can feel like a risk. We do our best to limit that risk for our clients and provide education and results.

With DTL Consultants, I wanted to create an agency that isn’t focused on closing the most deals or having the most ad spend for our clients. I wanted to create an agency dedicated to delivering results for our clients. I wanted to create an agency where these businesses felt like they had a partner and a friend, not someone that they dread working with daily. That’s my goal and my passion and I look forward to discussing your marketing needs moving forward!


David Laird