There’s more to graphic design than simply creating things that look pretty. Graphic design, when done right, creates the opportunity to improve user experience, develop brand consistency, and ultimately establish credibility for your customers. DTL Consultants can help your designs achieve their purpose and look great while doing it!



Graphic design for print requires technical knowledge, not only of design principles, but also of printing processes. DTL Consultants will ensure the final product looks great and meets your needs to help you reach your customers.

While the principles of design don’t change, the final product dictates the process that needs to be followed. For print layout, it’s important to determine the size of the final document, the type of material it will be printed on, whether it will be folded, and so much more. Beyond the logistics of laying out the document correctly to ensure proper printing, DTL Consultants focuses on the content and functionality to ensure that your audience takes the action you’re expecting when they see the final product.

Graphic Design - Print Layout
Graphic Design - Digital Layout


Beyond websites, there are various ways to reach your customers digitally. Whether you’re looking to create an internal or external newsletter, a digital brochure or flipbook, or establish an email template to use to update your clients, DTL Consultants can help!

Digital layout offers its own unique set of challenges. Whether you’re trying to adapt to the constraints of an email platform like MailChimp or Constant Contact, or ensuring that your digital flipbook brochure has a natural-looking page fold, DTL Consultants can help you out! We believe that good design should look great and help you convert potential customers into actual sales. With digital layout, a particular emphasis is placed on maximizing links to ensure your customers get the information they need without cluttering the design.