A marketing consulting firm that tailors solutions to the clients we serve – whether you need web design, business cards, or anything in between.

DTL Consultants was launched to help small businesses maximize their marketing efforts so they could spend less time worrying about finding new customers and more time focusing on providing the best products and services to their communities. Launched amidst a global pandemic, it became clear that many local businesses struggled to compete against larger companies with dedicated marketing staff.

Small, local businesses represent the backbone of the American economy and their dedication to their craft and service play a major role in their success. With all of their time and effort focused on their craft, many small businesses fail to keep up with the daunting amount of marketing tasks it takes to grow. Too often, business owners know (mostly) what needs to be done. Unfortunately, they lack the time and expertise to execute a proper marketing strategy.

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DTL Consultants helps their clients determine a marketing strategy geared towards long-term, sustainable growth. Most importantly, we help our clients execute this marketing strategy so they can start working ON their business and less IN their business.


At DTL Consultants, clients can expect a truly personal experience. We take the time to connect with you and learn your business and address your needs quickly!

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DTL Consultants delivers top-quality work that will deliver the results you need with the attention to detail not offered by many larger agencies.

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Nothing’s more frustrating than sending an email or calling an agency and never hearing back. DTL responds quickly to clients via phone, email, and text.

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While DTL Consultants is a young agency, David Laird brings nearly a decade of experience integrating different marketing tactics into a variety of businesses


We are committed to ensuring you understand your marketing and what you’re getting for your money.

DTL Consultants understands that marketing can be very ambiguous, especially on the web. That’s why we always take the time to thoroughly explain the “Why” behind everything we do. We firmly believe you should always know what you’re paying for in your marketing budget and why.

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